Efficiency for any business.

The development of an efficient intermodal system necessarily goes hand in hand with a series of services that support freight transport, management and sorting. A first class customs office for any kind of inspection on incoming goods, a container scanner to examine goods without a physical inspection, a new-generation automated parking system and a network with 24 km of roads and viaducts: this all assures a high quality service to the benefit of the freight village.

Customs office and tax police.

The first class, first level “Napoli Terra” customs office is located at Lot D of Nola’s freight village.

With jurisdiction over the provinces of Naples and Caserta, it can conduct all customs procedures (imports/exports, inward/outward processing, inspections by a plant pathologist, final import and export, temporary storage enclosure, etc.), so that all procedures related to goods to be imported and exported from and to non-EU countries can be quickly carried out.

It has a weighing machine and a mobile scanner. The customs offices are spread over an it has a weighing machine and a mobile scanner. The customs offices are spread over an  overall surface area of about 1,600 m2 on two floors, plus external areas covering an additional 3,000 m2.

Road network

Nola’s freight village has been designed to potentially handle, at full capacity, up to more than 30 million tonnes of freight a year.. In addition to temporary parking areas covering a 236,000 m2 surface for approximately 3,000 trucks, the freight village has a 24 km internal network of roads and viaducts.

Parking areas

To complement the infrastructure supporting freight village activities , there are two parking areas for articulated lorries located along the inbound road system. Located near the Services tower, at the entrance to the freight village, these parking areas are designed to accommodate more than 50 trucks at the same time.