Interporto Campano S.p.A.

Società Interporto Campano S.p.A, was set up in 1987 and has a share capital of € 33,536,070.36. Investors include CISFI (which has a 62% stake) and prominent shareholders, including leading banks and construction companies.
In addition to real estate, Interporto Campano S.p.A. deals with additional business areas in the logistics, transport and services sector by controlling or holding stakes in specialist companies.

Namely, it owns:

  • 100% of T.I.N. S.p.A. (Terminal Intermodale Nola), which manages the intermodal terminal in the freight village.

Here are the main services it provides:
◎ storage, transport and handling of loading units.
◎ emptying/filling of containers.
◎ maintenance/repair and cleaning of swap bodies and containers.