Interporto Campano is one of Europe’s main logistics facilities.

Interporto Campano S.p.A., which is entirely privately owned, is the concession holder of the Campania Regional Authority until 2080 for the design, construction and management of the freight village in Nola. A strategic international freight hub, it is one of Europe's main intermodal logistics facilities providing a combined transport system (rail, road, air and sea), integrating freight storage, transport and handling. The current surface is occupied by 500,000 m2 of warehouses managed by some 200 companies comprising industrial operators, distributors, logistics firms, carriers and couriers operating internationally. The complex is  directly connected to the national and regional road network. It is within easy reach of motorways A16 Naples-Bari, A30 Caserta-Salerno, A1 Milan-Naples and A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria. The area where it is located has excellent transport links with the main railway junctions, ports and airports.


The current surface area of the freight village.


The space intended for warehouses.


The surface area of the intermodal hub.

The Italian and international operators at the site.

Rail Transport

Interporto Campano is the only  intermodal platform in Italy having a private railway station run by RFI (Italy’s rail network operator) inside it. The station, which can potentially handle up to 30 trains/day, is directly connected to the Intermodal Terminal through 13 pairs of collection and delivery platforms, each of which is 1km long. This means that European standard, trains, up to 750 metres long, can fully enter the Terminal and also speeds up handling of Intermodal Transport Units (ITU) and release of the goods.
The railway system is integrated with the Intermodal terminal operated by TIN S.p.A, a specialist company of Interporto Campano and led to the establishment of subsidiaries Interporto Servizi Cargo S.p.A. (ISC) and ISC Intermodal - Nuovo Operatore Intermodale S.r.l. for the management of the private freight railway service.

Road Transport

With direct access to the main motorways (A16 Naples-Bari, A30 Caserta-Salerno, A1 Naples-Milan, A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria), freight can be distributed to the main national hubs and never go through town centres.
Moreover, Interporto Campano provides its users with a comprehensive set of services for road transport.


Sea Transport

With its links to the main ports of Naples, Gioia Tauro, Taranto, Salerno and Bari, Interporto Campano is a strategic logistics hub for maritime trade.
L'Interporto Campano is Naples’ dry port. The link between the two platforms brings benefits in terms of shared container traffic management. Through the Naples Port-Nola freight village link, containers can in fact be transferred to the Intermodal Terminal and the cargo can be sent directly to Europe.


With excellent transport links and its proximity Naples’ Capodichino international airport, about 20 km away, Interporto Campano is the ideal partner for the main retail areas and the natural hub for consolidation of air cargo from intermodal facilities.

2 million m2 surface area