Added value for any business.

Interporto Campano assures to its users the chance to develop their business efficiently and entirely independently.

This is the result of a comprehensive set of services supporting businesses, including state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled personnel who work every day to guarantee top safety standards and well-being at the site.

Security & Police

According to Italy’s insurance rating system, Nola’s freight village is one of the country’s safest industrial areas. At the site, companies and people can work with full peace of mind and entirely independently. This achievement is the result of the constant pursuit of increasingly higher security standards, obtained by investing in infrastructure for police use and in a private security system. As a matter of fact, the Business Park includes:

• A fire brigade station;

• A police station;

• 24/7 internal security consisting of a team of units managed by a group of experts from Italy’s Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate. Moreover, the whole area has a video surveillance system with 300 cameras monitored from a single operations room, a computerised entrance monitoring service and infrared barriers.


Istituto di credito
Ufficio Postale
Bar e ristorazione
Città del Gusto
Centro Congressi
Stazione di servizio e Officine
Fitness & SPA
Spazio Lavoro

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